August 17, 2020

Regular Meeting

Meeting called to order by Mayor Bates on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 7:01 P.M.

Roll call by Clerk Keirstyn Montgomery. All Council members present.

Mayor asked for any public comments, there were none.

Approval of minutes from July 27, 2020 Special Meeting. Motion to approve by Donald Gunter, second by Jimbo Quick. Approved 5-0.

Approval of August invoices & payroll. Motion by Don Bates, second by Jimbo Quick. Approved 5-0.

Council discussed one person; Keith Hardman qualified for Councilmember Place 5. Mayor Bates recommended that Keith Hardman fill Councilmember Place 5 early to finish Mr. Reed’s term before starting his term in November.

Mayor Bates asked permission to immediately induct Keith Hardman to Councilmember Place 5. Motion by Don Bates, second by Bruce Bentley. Mayor asked for Roll Call Vote: Mayor Bates-Yes, Donald Gunter-Yes, Jimbo Quick-Yes, Bruce Bentley-Yes, Don Bates-Yes. Approved 5-0.

Councilmember Place 5, Keith Hardman was sworn in by Clerk, Keirstyn Montgomery.

Mayor Bates asked Council for suggestions on use of CARES ACT funds to be discussed at the next town meeting. Mayor Bates made suggestion for creating Wi-Fi hotspot for children in the community.

Mayor Bates discussed applying for Appalachian Regional Commission Grant which may cover 50% of funding for an awning or building at the Farmers Market location. Mayor Bates stated that he would be looking into additional grants to cover remaining costs of project.

Mayor Bates presented a new draft for handicap accessibility and steps for Town Hall. Council will be looking over proposals.

Council discussed quotes for storage container from Mobile Mini & Decatur Container to be used as storage at Town Hall. Council made motion to purchase container from Decatur Container in the amount of $2,485.00.  Motion by Jimbo Quick, second by Donald Gunter. Approved 6-0.

Council discussed purchasing fire extinguisher for Town hall. Tabled for next meeting.

Council will be looking for quotes and designs for the Farmers Market sign.

Mayor Bates asked permission to purchase Quick Books for Clerk in the amount of $35.00/monthly. Motion by Bruce Bentley, second by Keith Hardman. Approved 6-0.

In Other Business, Mayor Bates asked permission to upgrade technology at Town Hall including router and video recorder in the amount of $2,003.00 form CDW-G, Amazon, & Ubiquiti and seek reimbursement from CARES ACT. Motion by Donald Gunter, second by Keith Hardman. Approved 6-0.

Council discussed proposed 2021 budget.

Council will move amount allocated for elections in 2020 budget to Town Hall & Farmers Market set up due to no elections being held.

Council discussed Rebuild Alabama funds for 2021 fiscal year. Council announced funds will be used to chip seal repaving on County Road 1600 as 2021 Road Project.

Motion to adjourn by Don Bates, second by Jimbo Quick. Approved 6-0.

Adjourned at 7:52 PM.

The next meeting of the Berlin Town Council will be September 21, 2020 at the Berlin Community Center.


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