November 16, 2020

Regular Meeting


Meeting called to order by Mayor Patrick Bates on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 7:10 P.M.

Roll call by Clerk Keirstyn Montgomery. Jimbo Quick-not present, Eudon Bates-not present.

Mayor Patrick Bates asked for any public comments, there were none.

Council discussed ideas for remaining CARES ACT funds. Council approved approximately $4,800 for public Wi-Fi through Sprout Fiber in the subdivisions of County Roads 1612, 1619, and 1620, $1,200 for additional COVID-19 supplies for the Berlin Town Hall & Berlin Community Center, and the remaining CARES ACT funds for community COVID-19 supply boxes and sanitizing wipes for Welti, Fairview, & Holly Pond Elementary Schools. Motion to approve by Keith Hardman, second by Donald Gunter. Approved 4-0.

Council discussed plans to build steps and handicapped parking spaces for the Town Hall. Tabled until next meeting.

Mayor Patrick Bates informed Council that the frame for the Farmers Market sign has been put in place at the Farmers Market location.

Council discussed options for Farmers Market building. Tabled until next meeting.

Council approved the increased expense of QuickBooks for the Town Hall in the amount of $70/month. Motion to approve by Keith Hardman, second by Donald Gunter. Approved 4-0

Council approved the purchase of a Fujitsu Scan Snap in the amount not to exceed $500.00 for the Town Hall. Motion to approve by Bruce Bentley, second by Donald Gunter. Approved 4-0.

Approval of minutes from November 2, 2020 Special Meeting (Organization Meeting). Motion to approve by Donald Gunter, second by Jimbo Quick. Approved 4-0.


Approval of November invoices. Motion to approve by Donald Gunter, second by Bruce Bentley. Approved 4-0.


Motion to adjourn by Donald Gunter, second by Keith Hardman. Approved 4-0.

Adjourned at 7:35 PM.

The next meeting of the Berlin Town Council will be December 21, 2020 at the Berlin Community Center.



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